• 7 Braids You Will Want To Do Right Now

    Raise your hand if you know how to do a regular braid and that is all you can do! I am right there with you guys... I definitely need to up my braiding game. Like, yesterday. I tend to "get by" ... Read More

    7 Braids You Will Want To Do Right Now
  • 8 Cinder Block Projects

    Lately, I have been really into cinder blocks. I have no idea where this obsession came from, but maybe it's the fact that they are so cheap. At about 1 dollar and a handful of change, you can buy a ... Read More

    8 Cinder Block Projects
  • Alabama Strawberry Picking

    Tony and I had some free time after work the other day, so we figured, why not go strawberry picking? The cutest little farm is down the road from us with local, organic fruits and veggies. They give ... Read More

    Alabama Strawberry Picking
  • Green Beauty Target Finds

    You guys! I have been so excited to share this post with you because, well, these products are just that great! I love a great, all-natural find at a store where they know me by name. Just kidding. ... Read More

    Green Beauty Target Finds
  • Backyard Oasis

    Obsessed much with Julianne Hough's backyard remodel? Both of my hands are raised high! I love a great backyard. They are my absolute favorites. They can be a fun place to host dinner parties, have ... Read More

    Backyard Oasis