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  • Backyard Oasis

    Obsessed much with Julianne Hough's backyard remodel? Both of my hands are raised high! I love a great backyard. They are my absolute favorites. They can be a fun place to host dinner parties, have ... Read More

    Backyard Oasis
  • 8 Storage Ideas For Your Pots + Pans

    Keeping pots and pans organized is very difficult. Am I the only one who thinks this? Normally my cabinet looks super cluttered, with everything thrown on top of each other. Eventually, it turns into ... Read More

    8 Storage Ideas For Your Pots + Pans
  • Ibiza, Spain Itinerary

    Where to start?! Ibiza was an incredible trip. It was the first stop on our Spain trip (Barcelona was next), and we absolutely loved it! We wanted this part of our trip to be more relaxing, because we ... Read More

    Ibiza, Spain Itinerary
  • 4 DIY Hammocks

    Since we are in the process of moving (yay!), I have been so busy trying to tie up loose ends, pack, and clean. I promise I have not forgotten about blogging! I also have been doing a lot of ... Read More

    4 DIY Hammocks